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Dartmoor - I grew up in South Devon, near Dartmoor with all it’s rough beauty. Wildflowers, lichen and rock live in my memory of this vast countryside.
Metal Earth - Travelling overland across Northern Africa at 18 was a big adventure.Tamanrasset in Algeria appears seemingly out of nowhere in the Sahara and has been engraved in my mind ever since.
      Melon - These bold, bright colors are irresistible - a perfect reminder of a summer day in California
Seaglass Walking my dogs as often as I can to the ocean, there are always interesting finds in the sand. Baby crabs, sandblasted old glass. I love the mystery of found objects at the beach.
ABOUT OUR YARN - Our Colors Here are just a few of the influences that show how the gradients come about. The colors all come from the world around me, ranging from memories and feelings to objects or experiences I have today.
Coastline - A drive down the California coast reveals the most stunning landscapes, redwood trees atop sandy color rock cliffs that dive into the crashing waves of the Pacific.
Atlantis - Parrot Fish are ubiquitous thoughout the Caribbean, surrounding you in marvelous shades of turquoise, green and a whole rainbow of bright colors.