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Flux (Self-Striping) Each 50 gram ball begins and ends with the same color, making for easy transitions from one ball to the next and leading to less waste. Flux Handpaints will have a base of 8 colors per ball, though the dyes blend together and form additional colors. Each ball is unique but we dye in batches of at least 24, ensuring overall continuity through sweater quantities within a single dye lot. Twelve color palettes available in lace, fingering, sport and worsted weight wool and wool blends.
Ombré Smooth, slow gradations are the signature of the Ombré color range. Ombré yarns come in 75 gram balls in worsted, sport, fingering and lace weight wool and wool blends as well as 50g balls in Wool/Nylon for socks. We carefully transition four or five colors per ball making for very long, yet still dramatic color changes. We suggest working from alternate ends of each ball as you go for smooth color transitions since every ball will begin and end with different colors. Thirty-six color palettes currently available.
ABOUT OUR YARN - Our Colors We currently offer three color ranges, Flux, Ombré and Semi-Solid. Ombré and Flux are available in thirty-six and twelve colorways respectively. We offer another twenty-five semi-solid colors in palettes that easily coordinate with our gradients. We use locally sourced acid dyes throughout as they offer the greatest consistency and are gentle to our environment. To achieve the long color runs in our Flux and Ombré yarns we have developed our own dyeing process. Though labor intensive, the hands-on nature of the process allows us to ensure an even consistency in the yarn and colors over multiple dye lots. Our method also means that thought our yarns will match very well from one dye lot to the next, no two balls of yarn will ever be the same.
Semi-Solid Coordinating with our Flux and Ombré lines, we have a range of 25 semi-solids. Each semi-solid will have subtle variations in shading and toning adding a depth and richness to the color not seen in mass-production yarns. Offered in 50 gram balls in our lace, fingering, sport and worsted weight yarns to match our Flux and Ombré lines. Combining our semi-solids with our other handpaints  give you a range of knitting possiblities to fulfill your wildest knitting dreams!
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